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The Spruce the Bruce Program has been initiated to assist communities with improvements that make them more attractive, pedestrian-friendly, and distinctive.

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The Community Signage Grant to encourage community and stakeholder groups to improve signage within their community. These grants match local cash contributions up to $5,000.00.

Community Signage Grants may be directed towards signage that improves visitor experiences in and around the downtown, including gateway signs, interpretive / historical plaques, kiosks, and route markers (i.e. for cycling or hiking).

The County’s Rural and Downtown Wayfinding signage program is not funded through this grant application. Contact us for more information on potential funding of your wayfinding signage program.

2017 Eligible Communities for a Community Signage include:
Ripley, Lucknow, Walkerton, Mildmay, Lion’s Head, Wiarton, Southampton, Port Elgin, Kincardine.

In order to qualify for a Community Sign Grant:

  • Applicants must be a municipality, established or incorporated group or a stakeholder group in partnership with an incorporated group, and must have municipal support.
  • Projects must not have commenced prior to the awarding of the requested grant.
  • Projects must be completed by October 31st, 2017. Extensions are not granted. If money is not spent it will be deemed an incomplete project and you will need to reapply next year.
  • Applicants must provide a minimum 50% cash contribution towards the total cost of the project for which they are applying for a grant.
  • If applicant receives addition funding sources, they are required to provide a minimum 33% cash contribution
  • Taxes are the full responsibility of the applicants.
  • Eligible Project costs must be actual cash outlay to third parties acting at arms length and which can be documented through original invoices or proofs of payment
  • Signs must be installed within a participating municipality.
  • All necessary permits must be in place and copies attached to the grant application.
  • Signs must be consistent with the County of Bruce Signage & Wayfinding Standards Manual

The Bruce County Economic Development Grant Committee will review applications against the following criteria:

  • date/timing of the application
  • balance of funding available and any previous applications made at the time of application
  • project's potential to provide long term economic benefit.
  • evidence of the applicant's ability to fulfill responsibilities related to the project installation and maintenance
  • project's "fit" with the objectives of Spruce the Bruce and/or the local municipal direction
  • The proposed project's "fit" with the Signage Standards Manual, Community Design Toolkit, & local municipal direction

Applicants must complete an online application in order to be given grant consideration. You can save your application online and return to it later.

Incomplete applications cannot be accepted. Applications require the following:

  • Lead Applicant Name: (Municipality / Group) / Street Address (Location) / Tel / email
  • Contact (if different from applicant) / Mailing Address (if different) / Tel / email
  • Describe the sign(s) you would like to install. For wayfinding signs, please see the signage array from the Bruce County Signage Standards Manual on the following page. Describe the feature being signed, the sign location, and the information / text for each sign. Attach any sketches; if you are replacing an existing sign, include a “before” picture.
  • Who will be doing the work?
  • The proposed timeline for the work (start date, completion date) please note: project must be completed by October 31st, 2017 in order to receive funding
  • How this project reflects the mission of the Spruce the Bruce Program
  • Quote(s) of the project cost (NOT INCLUDING HST)
  • Current picture of the project site
  • Budget Details (taxes not included):
    • Proposed Total Cost of Project
    • Applicant Contribution
    • Other Contributions (ie. Funding from other organizations)
    • Other Grant Contributions: (ie. Provincial, municipal, or NGO)
    • STB Grant Request
    • STB Grant % of Total Cost:%
    • Date of Application