Human Services and Housing

We are committed to planning, delivering, and advocating for responsive and innovative services that help individuals and families enhance their level of participation and quality of life in our communities. We will enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and communities by ensuring integrated and comprehensive services that remove barriers and create opportunities.

The Human Services & Housing Department consists of five divisions or program areas:

The Department endeavors to provide community level response to community and individual needs through partnerships and granting in the Strategic Community Initiatives and Funding.  As service system manager in both Children’s Services and Housing Services the Department is responsible for system planning, and administration of granting of various provincial funding programs.  Additionally, each of the program areas provide a number of services directly in the community. 

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Christine MacDonald
Director of Human Services & Housing
Human Services and Housing
Location:  Walkerton Administration Center Tel:  (519) 881-0431


Bruce County is a lean organization that is focused on providing high quality services to the communities we share and tax payers we work for.

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