Planning & Development

When you want to do something with your property or building your business, chances are you will need to connect with us. Planning & Development is the place where we help guide you through your property and business needs. Our job is to help you navigate the guidelines and policies successfully that are in place to build our Bruce community. We also support the county with strategic projects that make Bruce more economically attractive and competitive for the future.

Corporate Policy

Bruce County is just a little different; we think we are ahead of the curve.  Corporate Policy is a division that is tasked with making Bruce better, inside and out (both the Corporation and the Place we call home).  We do this by improving our policies, how we operate and keeping a pulse on the community to make change happen.  Here’s how we do it.

Land Use Planning

If you want to build it, talk to us first.  We’ll help guide you through the process to making changes to your lands and buildings.  Our Planning team is here to help you to make those connections and make the most out of Bruce County.  Don’t feel you have to navigate the process on your own.  We know how it works and we are here to navigate it with you.

Economic Development

Inspire, Attract and Support.  These are the words we live by when we work to improve the economy of Bruce County.  How do we do this?  With a focus on supporting entrepreneurs and growth where it matters: Tourism, Agriculture and Energy. The team at Bruce County is here to help you realize your dreams.  Around here, loving what you do is not a cliché, it is our business.

Business Development

Bruce we start with the “who” not the “what” because attracting the right people will bring with it the right jobs.  Bruce County has gone to great lengths to enhance its business development resources implemented through the Business to Bruce Program.  The Business to Bruce program facilitates business foundations; marketing and promotion of business opportunities; and the necessary supports, outreach and education for business success.

Sector Development

Tourism, Agriculture and Energy are our strengths in Bruce County.  Developing opportunity and capacity for innovation around these sectors is a key priority.  Support for our strong tourism industry is delivered through our award winning Explore the Bruce and Spruce the Bruce programs.  Taking these successes and applying them to agriculture and energy are our next steps.  The future looks bright in Bruce with countless opportunities around cluster development.

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Chris Laforest
Director of Planning and Development
Planning & Development
Location:  Walkerton Administration Center Tel:  (519) 881-1782


Bruce County is a lean organization that is focused on providing high quality services to the communities we share and tax payers we work for.

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