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The "You are Bruce" Brand style guide is a full explanation of the new brand elements and how to use them. This document describes, defines and presents examples of what our brand looks like in various visual media and will help maintain a cohesive, unified marketing message across all channels. Please refer to the guide when using the elements listed here.

The Bruce Brand Style Guide

style-guide Download the Bruce Brand Guidelines (11.6 MB)

Brand Images

Bruce County Logo on White BackgroundColour Logo on White Background (179 Kb) 
Greyscale Logo on White Background (96.2 Kb)


Bruce County on Blue BackgroundColour Logo on Blue Background (174 Kb) 
Greyscale Logo on Dark Background (96.8 Kb)


Bruce County Logo with Tagline on WhiteColour Logo with Tagline on White Background (215.1 Kb)
Greyscale Logo with Tagline on White Background (234.1 Kb)


Bruce County logo with tagline on Blue BackgroundColour Logo with Tagline on Blue Background (207.3 Kb)
Greyscale Logo with Tagline on Dark Background (237 Kb)


Whenever possible, the primary (vertical) Bruce County logo should be used. However, if the minimum size is below 1” high, the horizontal logo may be used. The lockup or relationship of the elements should never be altered.

Bruce County logo HorizontalHorizontal Colour Logo on White Background (179 Kb)


Horizontal NegativeHorizontal Colour Logo on Blue Background(170.6 Kb)


Horizontal Colour with TaglineHorizontal Colour Logo with Tagline on White Background (214 Kb)


Horizontal Colour with Tagline on Blue BackgroundHorizontal Colour Logo with Tagline on Blue Background (206 Kb)



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